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  03.02.1929 Birth of daughter Elisabeth euh Wilhelmina  
  04.02.1941 Move to Hoevelei,1 in Aartselaar  
  05.03.1929 Move to Peperstraat,21 in Schelle  
  05.03.1929 Move to Peperstraat,45 in Schelle  
  06.02.1934 Move to August van de Wielelei,222 in Deurne  
  06.06.1945 Exploitation licence for glass oven Charlottalei,14 in Hemiksem  
  07.05.1948 Christmas decorations order of Sarma Bruxelles.  
  08.10.1950 Temporary reconciliation between Alfred and his daughter  
  08.1951 Wilhelmina leaves the house and has the business seized  
  10.10.1941 Move to Kerkstraat,2 in Hemiksem  
  10.11.1928 Marriage of Alfred Jezelin and Wilhelmina Koos  
  10.1925 Alfred & Johann sr traced in Herentals  
  11.10.1927 Move to Provinciale steenweg,20 in Hemiksem  
  11.10.1941 Dying day of Johann senior in Hemiksem  
  12.05.1943 Registration in the Antwerp Trade Register nr 80.795  
  15.01.1940 Move to Kleine Doornstraat,252 in Wilrijk  
  15.05.2014 Meeting with Helga Hübner, Fritz Jochmann's daughter  
  18.02.1944 Permit glass furnace Bosstraat, 45 in Hemiksem  
  19.01.1938 Operating licence for glass oven in Peperstraat,45 Schelle  
  20.06.1945 Move to Charlottalei,14 in Hemiksem  
  26.11.1942 Move to Bosstraat,45 in Hemiksem  
  27.01.1939 Move to Deurnesteenweg 223 in Mortsel  
  30.06.1938 Move to Langlaarsteenweg,28 in Aartselaar  
  30.09.1943 Belgian patent No BE452051A glass bracket  
  30.09.1949 Application naturalization and family clash