25.02.1871 Birth of Johann sr (father) in Antonienthal

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Registration data

Wherever Johann sr was registered, you'll find another birthplace. In the end, I was able to find the right location in the wedding register. I assumed that people at that time were still fearful of God and would not lie in a Catholic register.

Jecelin Johann. Kath.(=Katholisch). Glasmacher und ehel.(=Eheliche) Sohn des Josef Jecelin, Glasmachers in Slawetin (:heute Slaventin bij Olomouc) und ….
Jecelin Johann. Cath.(=Catholic). Glassblower and legal son of Josef Jecelin, Glassblower in Slawetin ('today Slaventin near Olomouc') and …

At the beginning of the registration of the first name something is written in pencil, but this can only be partially deciphered unless it is checked on the spot in the archives.
…. März 1889 war der Vater in dem Glassfabrik Röhrsdorf bei Zwickau.
…. March 1889 the father was working in the glassworks of Röhrsdorf near Zwickau.
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Note that Alfred's grandfather was also a glassblower and was born in Slawetin (now Slavetin with Oloumoc). In a village like Antonienthal, where only a few hundred people lived, was also a glass factory. See last photo in the photo gallery

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