04.05.1905 Birth of Alfred Jecelin


Geographical data

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Registration data

According to the municipal records the Jecelin family lived in Frosterstraße, 12. However, the birth certificate below shows the address Josefstraße, 5 which according to the municipal records was only inhabited by the Jecelin family in 1908. Alfred applied for the birth certificate when he got married. Perhaps the parents are mentioned with their last known address in Weißwasser.


Birth certificate recto

Birth certificate verso

Family data

Father JECELIN Johann sr
Profession glass blower at Osram in Weißwasser
Born 25.02.1871 - Antonienthal (today Antonínův Důl) - Czechoslovakia
Died 11.10.1941 - Hemiksem - Belgium
Mother LINZMEIER Thérèse
Born 07.03.1874 - Unter Wernersdorf (today Dolní Vernérovice) - Czechoslovakia
Died 11.02.1947 - Eindhoven - Netherlands
1st Son JECELIN Johann jr - registered as Jan in NL
Born 31.05.1899 - Karlsbad - (today Karlovy Vary) - Czechoslovakia
Died 08.12.1933 - Eindhoven - Netherlands
2nd Son JECELIN Alfred Julius
Born 04.05.1905 - Weisswaßer / Schlesien - Germany
Died 30.10.1987 - Euskirchen - Germany
Daughter JECELIN Elisabeth Otillie
Born 31.03.1910 - Weißwasser / Schlesien - Germany
Died 01.07.1997 - Capelle aan den IJssel - Netherlands

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