1918 Possible move to Goethestraße,15 in Weißwasser and work at Osram

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In 1959 Alfred writes that his father started working in the Osram factory in Weißwasser in 1918. They then moved from Rückers to perhaps Goethestraße,15. This cannot be found in the archives of the municipality. However, in 1924 Josef officially lives at that address. Why as much fog as possible was created, we only have to guess. One possible course is to avoid military service. There are good reasons to assume that the family is going to live at this address because Alfred was in hospital in 1921 and sent a postcard home with this address as the destination. There is also a photo of possibly Johann jr as a young soldier. He was 19 years old in 1918 and probably ready to fight.

Why Alfred was in Lewin's hospital in 1921 I could not find. Images of Lewin (now part of Poland) can be found in the photo gallery of the sidebar.

On the postcard the following is written:

Herrn Johann Jezelin
Glasmacher in Weißwasser
Goethestr 15

Left side
Lewin 30 8 21
Liebe Eltern und Geschwister. Beste Grüße von hier sendet Alfred

Inclined writing
Bin Glücklich hingekommen
mir geht es gut
Brief folgt

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