10.1925 Alfred & Johann sr traced in Herentals

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Alfred lived and worked with his father in Herentals. Father and sons lived in Eindhoven and only the father can be officially found in municipal registers. Johann jr who is married at a certain moment also appears in the municipal registers at that moment. Alfred is nowhere to be found except in the 1926 Eindhoven address guide. Although they were mentioned in it, they were already present in Herentals in 1925. Presumably he was there with his future wife Wilhelmina Koos. Several elements support this:

  • My mother-in-law (Wilhelmina Jezelin) told me that her father once told her that he had worked and lived in Herentals.
  • Brother Johann jr sent a card to Alfred on 02.10.1925 but without a clear address and it was returned to sender.
  • Father Johann sr got a new Czech passport on 27.01.1926 with the address Herentals.

In the population registers of Herentals nothing was found which does not surprise me. If we look at the population registers of Hemiksem you don't see where they came from. We don't know why they erase as many traces as possible but there is a suspicion that the possible military service has something to do with that. In any case, we keep looking further.


Johann jr music teacher in Eindhoven in 1925. We don't know who the students are except for the girl.


“Met groet. Joh. Kom over 14 dagen.” “With regards. Joh. Come in 14 days”. The address on the picture was a bit thin to be delivered.

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