1926 Traces of Wilhelmina Koos in Bleekstraat, 33 Eindhoven

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Geographical data

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Wilhelmina Koos worked as a maid in Eindhoven. Where exactly was not known. Was she a lodger or not? All these questions remain unanswered. However, in the index cards of the immigration police in 1954 in Deurne, I came across an address. When foreigners in Belgium moved from one municipality to another, the local immigration police drew up a file card. The data provided by the Jecelins were almost always different. However, after the actual divorce Wilhelmina had met a new man and went to live with him in Deurne in 1954. In the index card this address was given as her last residence abroad.

It is precisely in the Deurne file that the address in Eindhoven is registered as the last place of residence abroad. Actually, that was not correct either, because her last residence abroad was Grevenmacher in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Blekerijstraat does not exist in Eindhoven anno 2021 but the Bleekstraat does. When you compare the whereabouts of the Jecelins in the Grote Berg and that of Koos in the Bleekstraat you can see that they lived in each other's neighbourhood. About Wilhelmina Koos you will find nothing in the official registers in the Netherlands or Belgium. It is only when she married Alfred in Hemiksem that she can be followed through the municipal registers. It is certain that Alfred and Wilhelmina met in Eindhoven and that the relationship arose there, but nothing else is known.

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