08.12.1933 Dying Day of Johann jr in Eindhoven.

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Deregistration of Johann jr

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Little is known about Johann jr. Alfred and Elisabeth both said that their eldest brother was clairvoyant and already in his youth predicted that he would not grow older than Christ. He died at the age of 34, which would have been about the age of Christ when he died. Why there was opposition by his parents to Johann jr's marriage is not yet known. Johann jr had no children.

In 1952, Alfred wrote to the Muyshondt family about what he had experienced with his wife. It was a whole three-page story, including a passage in which Wilhelmina Koos reproached Alfred for, like his brother, deserting his wife. Alfred remarks that he does not play with opium and morphine. Did Johann jr become addicted in his younger years when poppy derivatives were still used for headaches, depression etc.? ?

Extract from Alfred's letter

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