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11.02.1947 Theresia Linzmaier died in Eindhoven.

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In the early twenties, Theresa is left by her husband and sons because of her fanatical membership of a sect. From then on, she lived in Eindhoven and the rest of the family went their separate ways. On the map you can see that she always moved in the same neighbourhood.

  • On 7 June 1935 her niece Anna Julia Linzmaier married and lived with her at that time. Anna Julia Linzmaier is the daughter of the unmarried mother Anna Linzmaier, older sister of Theresa. Anna stayed in the Czech Republic, but her daughter somehow ended up in Eindhoven, perhaps through Theresa's help, to escape the disgrace in their homeland. Officially Anna Julia is not registered with Theresia but in the marriage registry Beekstraat 6 is written in pencil.

Birth record Anna Julia part 1

Birth record Anna Julia part 2

Marriage register Anna Julia indicating Beekstraat 6

Family tree

  • On 13 March 1941, Theresia moved from Beekstraat 6 to Schoolstraat 50 in Eindhoven, where she moved in with the family of her cousin Anna Julia.

In that same year her husband, from whom she actually lived apart, died in Hemiksem.

Above is resident Antonie Van Brakel, the husband of Anna Julia. She became a widow in 1961, so she was re-registered in line 3.

  • On 11 June 1943 she moved to a residential care centre at Kloosterdreef 25. Four years later she died. How she lived after her family left her is not known.


Kloosterdreef 25 residential care centre

Residents card

Family tree info death Theresia

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