13.01.1958 Move to am Fuchspfad 3 in euskirchen.

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Another very busy year but with less side problems or jammers. Alfred is going to have his glass company and his house built and he has his hands full with that.


The Luisenhütte has been cleared by Görgen. On 16 January, Alfred draws up the inventory together with Görgen and compares it with the initial inventory. The missing items are listed and signed. :!: See differences list. Presumably Alfred will continue in this glassworks while waiting for his new company in am Fuchspfad to be built up later in the year. By means of price requests for raw materials at the beginning of the year you notice that he is busy. Because he always uses a P.O. Box as his address, you never know for which address he will receive mail. :!: See price enquiries . Alfred also engages Wiernicki at the end of January. Everything indicates that Alfred will continue to work at this location until his new glassworks in am Fuschspfad is ready for use. However, construction work has yet to begin and be planned.

Am Fuchspfad

Alfred gets to work and takes the necessary steps to apply for the necessary building and operating permits. Paying land tax, applying for permission from customs to use fuel oil, applying for utilities, etc. During construction, a border crossing comes to light. Alfred has built a few cm too far and has to pay the annual round sum of DEM 2 to the gas company next door. Before he can start working here, I suspect (no proof yet found) that he temporarily started working in the Luisenhütte after Görgen had left the building. :!: See a new company . The end result that year is a loss of DEM 2,704.55 or €5,520 (current value). :!: See final balance.

Fritz sr & jr Jochmann

There is a lot of contact between Alfred and both Jochmanns. Father Fritz sr asks if Alfred can provide him with some uranium oxide. In those days uranium was experimented with and you got a yellow-green coloured glass. If you take a Geiger counter you will notice that the glass is radioactive, but of course not to such an extent that it is harmful to a human being. Today this is forbidden, just like the luminous dots on the numerals and hands of the earlier clocks with which you could see what time it was in the dark. Fritz sr had ended up in the CIA's card bin at the time because he described the use of uranium oxide in the trade journal for which he was writing articles. :!: See uranium oxide.
With Fritz jr, who lived and worked in England, a work contract was concluded. Junior will work for Alfred next year and will receive 30-40% of the profits. The mutual trust between Alfred and the Jochmanns is so great that the work contract is not put on paper. A word is a word. The establishment of a new company and the distribution of tasks and profits is arranged in 1959. The fact that Alfred has found a reliable partner will allow him to run his business in the Suivant years and at the same time start up glass factories in Israel for 2 years and sell compositions (chemical composition of glass) so that he can work and live a little better financially. :!: See agreement with junior.


This year Alfred is still in contact with some former employees in Luxembourg. As far as can be ascertained, he will visit them once in a while to catch his breath and forget his worries. On a conjugal level it is quiet in the meantime. Both he and his wife have a new partner and the hatchet seems to be buried. Later on Alfred will often write about his wife, he couldn't understand her jealousy.
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