13.02.1959 Authorisation for adaptation Am Fuchspfad 3 Eurskirchen

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This year is very busy: adaptation of the new glassworks, negotiations with Gavish in Israel, contract with Fritz Jochmann jr. There is work to be done.

Am Fuchspfad

Alfred applies for a permit to adapt his glass works and to expand them with ladies' and gents' toilets. He received permission for this on 13.02.1959. :!: See adaptation glassfactory. Meanwhile, he continues his negotiations with Fritz Jochmann jr. and with Gavish in Israel. With Fritz jr. he makes a contract on 01.01.1959 so that he can further concentrate on the negotiations for the next 2 years with Gavish in Rishon Le Zion in Israel. :!: See contract with junior. Finally also a balance sheet with profit DEM 4178.33 or € 8,456 (current value). :!: See final balance.

Gavish Israel

David Neuhaus of Bnei Barak in Israel liaises between Gavish and Alfred. Alfred negotiated and involved his friend Fritz Jochmann Sr. The latter could come to Israel for two years, but dropped out because, after the turbulent war years and their aftermath and the death of his daughter, he had finally recovered. He has his life back on track and opts for security. Alfred writes to Neuhaus saying that the quality of their glassware is poor, and he writes as he thinks. He proposes that Gavish pay him two weeks' work on the spot to show what he can do, so they know whether he is the man they are looking for. Eventually they do the opposite and engineer Jezerski comes to Euskirchen to evaluate. It now turns out that Alfred is also supposed to pass on recipes to Gavish, which is not in the contract proposal. :!: See contract Gavish.

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