01.1960 Consultation assignment at Gavish in Rishon-le-Zion

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History of the factory

The municipality of Rishon le Zion was so kind to summarise the story of the Gavish glassworks.

Alfred's story

In January, Alfred left for Israel. He has ordered the necessary chemicals and working materials in Germany on behalf of Gavish as they requested. As this cannot be considered luggage, these goods are taken along as air cargo. The task ahead is not to be underestimated. The company works, but not as it should. He is to train the workers, adjust the furnaces, organise the work and provide compositions (composition of added products to obtain coloured glass, crystal, etc.). The latter, however, will be paid extra per composition. Knowing Alfred, he often criticize the incompetence of the glassblowers and the quality of the glass they had made until his arrival. When he notice that the work cannot be done safely, he writes a note and has it signed by the management. :!: See security. Throughout his career, he has dealt with hazardous substances when composing a glass composition for a new load of glass. Alfred always uses a mouth mask for this and respects the precautionary measures in place at the time. Of course, these are totally inadequate today. He also keeps a diary in which he perfectly records the progress and results day by day. In August, Alfred negotiated an additional year's work for Gavish. :!: See contract Gavish. Remarkably, the contract states that Gavish is having his girlfriend come over at their expense. :!: See girlfriend. However, the accommodation and the return flight are for Alfred. The contract also specifically states that if war breaks out, he may return home immediately and the contract will be terminated. At that time, there was great unrest in the Near East and a few years later, in 1967, the Six-Day War broke out. In December, Alfred goes home to make arrangements with Fritz Jochmann Jr, to report his business to the city as it is closed for security reasons. He then takes the time to call the construction company responsible to order. Gavish wishes him happy end-of-year celebrations and also asks him to bring certain chemicals with him when he returns to Israel in 1961. :!: See happy new year wishes of Gavish.

Am Fuchspfad

Fritz Jochmann jr. is now in charge of the glassworks and is apparently doing well. Alfred's accountant keeps him constantly informed and carries out the settlements month after month according to contract between Alfred and Fritz jr. There is, however, the sword of Damocles hanging over their heads literally then. The roof of the glassworks is collapsing. Fritz jr. and the accountant put constant pressure on the contractor, who said yes but did nothing, so that the town began to threaten to close the company, which eventually happened in December. Alfred returns to Euskirchen in that month to settle everything. The contract with Fritz Jr. is terminated: See end of contract. During this period Gavish sends a letter to Alfred in Euskirchen with best wishes and also asks him to bring raw materials to Rishon le Zion. :!: See letter Gavish. Although Alfred has signed a renewal contract with Gavish, he still checks to see if there are any offers that might be of interest to him and posts annonces. :!: See reaction on advertisement.

Fritz Jr. regularly sends photos to Alfred in Israel happy that he has been given the chance to work as a manager although it is hard on him, there is more to it than just glass blowing.

Februari 1960 Seidl & Fritz jr.

Seidl & Fritz jr.

Seidl & Bilo.


Maart 1960 Fritz jr. Michaël, Seidl & Bilo

Bilo, Michaël, Fritz jr., unknown, Seidl, unknown

April 1960 Balda & Fritz jr.

Juli 1960 Michaël & Seidl

Fritz Jochmann sr.

Alfred remains in contact with Fritz Sr. They continue to exchange glass compositions and are more possessed than ever to create perfect glassware and develop new possibilities and compositions.


His friend Lotterjonk has not been idle either and keeps asking Alfred to come and work for him so that together they can develop a large glass company. However, Alfred refuses for various reasons. Knowing him, it would be difficult if he were not the leader. Typically, Alfred would leave without a word and not let anyone know. Similarly, Lotterjonk was surprised when he received a letter from Israel. :!: See letter Lotterjonk. In his letter to Alfred, he talks about 'pesten (bullying)'. To be clear, this is not about bullying people but about a card game they used to play. He sends a series of photographs to Alfred to show the progress of his new glass factory under construction.

Lotterjonk & Nol Smulders

Nol Smulders


Even in Israel he receives cards from some of his former employees. After so many years, the contact with many people who worked for him remains, including people from Hemiksem.

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