03.02.1929 Birth of daughter Elisabeth euh Wilhelmina

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Three months after the marriage, daughter Elisabeth was born. Alfred and Wilhelmina had decided that their daughter would be called Elisabeth. For six weeks Wilhelmina was so happy with her little Elisabeth until she saw the official papers and found out to her great consternation that Elisabeth was officialy named Wilhelmina.

What had happened?
Alfred went to the village registration desk to report the birth of his daughter. The official asked Alfred for the name of his child. Alfred didn't know it any more and said:“take the name of the mother”. This is typical Alfred. Be sure this have caused some fireworks at home at that time. To keep the 2 Wilhelmina's apart we also use the daughter's nickname “Minny”.

Place of birth
Minny was born at home in the houe at Provinciale Steenweg, 20 in Hemiksem. 85 years later she will return to her birthplace. Today an undertaker is living at this address. She was laid out in the undertaker's morgue in 2014.

Registration data

One day after the birth, Alfred will report his daughter to the municipality.


When I was little, I always covered my bed nicely when I came out of my bed. I thought then that the heat was stored that way.

Wilhelmina Jezelin, daughter of Alfred

As a child, I heard adults talking about whether or not to fall asleep and I didn't really understand that. I then stood at the foot end of my bed and dropped me on the bed. I couldn't fall asleep either. ^_^

Wilhelmina Jezelin, daughterochter van Alfred


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