11.10.1941 Dying day of Johann senior in Hemiksem

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Just one day after registering at the new address, father Johann dies asleep at the age of 70. The deed states that this must have been around 03.00 hr. His granddaughter, Wilhelmina Jezelin, told us that she was 12 years old and slept in the room next to the grandfather's bedroom in the attic. She remembers that she heard her grandfather shouting at night, but she never knew if he really called or if she had dreamed of it.


Johann sr is buried at the municipal cemetery in Hemiksem. The grave has been cleared over time since no perpetual concession was requested.

Registration data


Parish register

Johann sr is buried 2 days after his death in the St. Niklaaskerk church in Hemiksem. kerkreg_jj.jpg


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