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-====== 21.08.1950 With Ajeko to the Passionspiel in Oberammergau ====== +====== 21.08.1950 Report of the trip to Oberammergau ======
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-===== Geographical data ===== +
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-[[|Oberammergau]] +
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 ===== History ===== ===== History =====
-Every 10 years the full-scale passion game in Oberammergau is performed. However, during the war years this was obviously not possible. It was only 5 years after the end of WOII that the passion game could be reorganized in 1950, after 16 years of interruption. Click on the image below to open the website of the passion games.\\ \\ 
-[[|{{ :bio:oberammergau:ob.jpg?100 }}]]\\ \\ 
-To give a little bit of the atmosphere of that time, you can watch the following videos. First of all, a film about Germany in 1945 and 5 years later.\\  
-{{ youtube>R5i9k7s9X_A }} \\ \\  
-{{ youtube>mCRCZSScwyk }} 
-Alfred decided to attend this event with Ajeko for those who were interested. They did not go directly to Oberammergau but travelled short distances every day and visited various cities and sights along the way. On the way, he met his friend Fritz Jochmann sr and his son Fritz jr. Whether they have been to Oberammergau with him I have not been able to find out yet. In any case, the Jochmann family was very important to Alfred and vice versa. You can find a piece of the story at  [[:en:bio:2014:01:2014.05.15_ontmoeting_met_helga_huebner_dochter_van_fritz_jochmann|15.05.2014 Meeting with Helga Hübner, Fritz Jochmann's daughter]]. The complete story of the Jochmann family follows later.\\ \\ 
-The report of the trip can be found here: [[en:bio:1950:01:1950.08.21 Verslag van de reis naar Oberammergau|21.08.1950 Report of the trip to Oberammergau]]  
-[[:en:biografie#1950|Back]]===== History ===== 
 \\  \\ 
 {{ :bio:1950:01:verslag:route3.jpg?600&nolink |Travel route to Oberammergau}} {{ :bio:1950:01:verslag:route3.jpg?600&nolink |Travel route to Oberammergau}}
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