30.10.1987 Probable date of death of Alfred

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Alfred died at home in solitude at the age of 82. The medical examiner estimated the time of death between October 30, 1987 08:00 hr and 08:45 hr November 2, 1987. This can however be adjusted to October 30 21:00 hr as Alfred wrote his last notes in his medication booklet at 21.00 hr.

Eventually his organs failed one by one. In his booklet he registered very accurately the time and the dose he took of the various drugs, as well as his findings and observations. He took two inhalants normally prescribed for asthma and respiratory purposes. He also took pills especially for asthma and anti-mucus. In his remarks you will find regularly cardiovascular and gastrointestinal complaints and of course many times he suffered from diarrhea.

In addition to his medication he systematically recorded his weight. You will notice that everything was recorded very careful as well. He began by stating that he took his weight only with short pants and undershirt. From 1981 he weighed himself with long johns and undershirt and later on completely naked. That is typical for him. Everything he fabricated was carefully noted down to the smallest detail. In his daily life, it was just the same. In his last years he strongly weakened and he lost nearly half his weight. See chart below .



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