21.01.1988 Clearing the legacy and transport of the glass archive

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Around Christmas 1987, the news came from Euskirchen that Alfred had died. In a few weeks time, the contents of the 'Villa ohne Sorgen' (Villa no worries), as Alfred called his house, had to be cleared as he had sold his 'Villa' on lifetime annuity. The first three weekends of January, we have worked very hard to monitor, to sort out and to make things ready for shipment to Hemiksem. On 21/01/1988 everything was ready: the local thrift shop collected the furniture, trash was set out for the municipal services and the truck of the forwarding agent for whom I was working at that time was right on time to pickup the archives.

At the time, we have taken a few pictures and movies on the fly because we did not had much time. The clock was ticking so we had to go on. The images you see on this page are not taken at the moment we originally entered the 'villa'. The living room was not as messy as in the movie. While sorting out some material was deposited there which makes it look so cluttered. At the end you see on Alfred's desk a toaster, which was not used for that purpose. He used the heat for having warm water by putting his kettle on top of it. He had no cooking-stove. The images are not 100% but it gives an idea of ​​how Alfred lived during the last 33 years of his life. You may think now that he has lived there like a tramp, but that's far from true. His Sunday suits, overcoats and travel comfort were always top quality. Do not hesitate to do business or to get out with him, he always would be fully dressed up. Unfortunately I have no pictures of his clothes ​​due to time constraints. It was an exhausting month. Back and forth each time was about 450 km.

The accompanying music 'Serenade Tosseli“ was Alfred's favorite.


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