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Welcome to the website of "the Czech"

“The Czech”, Alfred Jecelin, the wealthy owner of the firm Ajeko was once known from Australia to America for his Christmas decorations. In that period, the factory worked throughout the year almost exclusively to the production of Christmas decoration items. Forty years later, he died in 1987 in Euskirchen as poor as Job. Our aim is to describe the life of this remarkable man by means of details from his archive and glass work that he has made during his active period. Alfred had the habit to keep a sample of each production. A large part of it we have found in Euskirchen. Since it is a significant number the website is launched with a small amount of information but it will grow systematically. There are more than 1,000 different pieces. See also at Products. Do you want to see Alfred in action? Check out this 16mm color film used in supermarkets to promote his products

Wat Can you find on the website?

  • Biography: this is setup chronologically and by means of tags (attributes) you can get summaries per country, Alfred's plants, his Christmas decorations, per decade or just the story of his life.
  • Anecdotes: for the moment here are some anecdotes of the immediate family included.
  • Products: among others, the glass catalog. Here you get an overview sorted by color, size, type, date or by references. Note: this is not all available right from the beginning as a lot of work needs to be done to collect and to check the data.
  • Blog: do you have comments, questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to write these down in the Blog tab. Pictures, documents or film can be uploaded here as well. If it fails just send them via email by clicking on the email button in the sidebar.

Buttons: in the lefthand sidebar you will find a number of buttons. So you can:

  • Blog
  • Link to Facebook and the Ajeko page where you can register yourself to keep posted of new developments.
  • Email. If you don't like to make some remarks on the website via the Blog tab, you can always send an email.
  • If you prefer to be informed about new published information you can use the RSS feed by cliking the RSS button.
  • Frequently asked questions you will find under the faq button.
  • You will find info about new items and updates under the i button.

It is possible that no result is returned by clicking an item. This will systematically decrease as the site grows. We have given preference to launch the website now because it will take months (or maybe years) to finish the job. We hope we still can reach as many as possible former employees, customers, suppliers or friends of Alfred.

We hope the website gives interesting surprising information about the Christmas decorations manufacturer as a glass blower and as a human being.

We thank the following people and institutions that were willing to provide information:

  • 's Hertogenbosch: Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum. Postbus 81. 5201 AB 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Aartselaar: Gemeente Aartselaar, Dienst burgerzaken, Baron van Ertbornstraat 1, Aartselaar
  • Antwerpen : Dagbladmuseum (niet meer actief)
  • Antwerpen : Stad Antweren, Felix Archief, Oudeleeuwenrui 29, 2000 Antwerpen
  • Arcadia : The Gilb Museum of Arcadia Heritage, Arcadia, CA 91066-6021
  • Australia : Austria Freunde
  • Australia : Helga Hübner (Jochmann) en Frank Kovacs
  • Bergheim : Bürgerservice, Bethlehemer Str. 9-11, 50126 Bergheim
  • Bergisch Gladbach: Stadt Bergisch Gladbach, Bürgerbüro, 51439 Bergisch Gladbach
  • Beveren : Rijksarchief Antwerpen, Kruibekesteenweg 39/1, 9120 Beveren
  • Bouxwiller: Pierre Boulay
  • Brno : Archive of Moravië in Brno, Palachovo náměstí 723/1, 625 00 Brno
  • Brussel : FOD Economie Dienst voor de Intellectuele Eigendom (octrooien)
  • Brussel : Nationale Bank, wetenschappelijke bibliotheek
  • Brussel : RSZ, RVP en RSVZ (sociale zekerheid en pensioenen)
  • Corning : The Corning Museum of Glass, One Museum Way, Corning, NY
  • Dresden : DD+V GmbH & Co. KG, Dokumentation/Redaktionsarchiv, 01067 Dresden
  • Eindhoven : Philips company archives, High Tech Campus 5, 3.077, 5656 AE Eindhoven
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  • Karlovy Vary: Public relations, City od Karlovy Vary, Moskevská 21, 36120 Karlovy Vary
  • Karlovy Vary (Dvory): Glashütte Moser, Karlsbad, Meierhöfen (Karlovy Vary, Dolni Dvory)
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  • Nederland : Susan Witte
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  • Piensk : Stadt und Gemeinde piensk
  • Praag : Belgische ambassade
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