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Alfred tried to keep a sample of all productions. We found a large part of it in Euskirchen but some beautiful pieces we had to leave there. In fact Alfred had sold his glassworks on annuity and according to German law we were allowed to take only the finished products with us. Unfortunately there was a lot of cut glass that was not finished yet. We were forced to leave it there which makes the overview a little less complete. Nor do we know whether he kept conscientiously a sample of each production. We neither don't know what has been lost. The glass catalog will provide a nice overview of what Alfred has ever created and the catalog will systematically be completed. You will be surprised to find out that he has a lot of other glassware than just Christmas decorations, bears eyes, marbles and bike reflectors, etc​​. A very small portion is already cataloged. It takes a lot of attention and investigation for cataloging the pieces. Sometimes he wrote or carved credentials on the glass itself, but that is not always readable anymore. A 30 pieces, I guess, are samples of other glassmakers or shops, for he was always looking for what was going on in the glass market and he examined the glassware of his colleagues. In 99% you will notice the difference immediately. Alfred made quality and he would not deliver anything else. A few pieces may come from abroad where he has been to advise and or work in the 60's and 80's. Only if there is sufficient evidence, which is about 80%, the pieces are cataloged. Writings, molds, specifications etc will be added gradually. Each time you visit the website something will be added or changed. In order to give you an idea of his glasswork you will find some random examples in the sidebar

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His most famous activity is making Christmas decorations. This part needs to be worked out in more detail. A first step can be found here