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The biography can be accessed in different ways. If you want to read right from the beginning start here. Names of people alive and company names still active today will not be mentioned unless they gave their explicit permission to do so in order to respect their privacy. We try to portrait the man behind his glasworks by means of documents and testimonials. You will notice that if you step on his toes you'll better stay away from him. Alfred was not afraid to speak very directly and was always straight forward. Also in writing he did the same which is sometimes hilarious today when you read it.

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In brief

Alfred was born in Weißwasser in 1905. As a young adult he moved to Eindhoven together with his family. “We left our mother in Weißwasser when we moved to Eindhoven” said his sister. Today we know that she ment Eindhoven instead of Weißwasser. They had discovered that she was a member of a sect and all their money disappeared into an account of that sect. We know from his sister that during their childhood their mother put Alfred into a basket with a woolen sweater or a blanket. Then she pulled the basket on a rope into a tree and left him hanging in the sun for an hour or so when he had been naughty. Was Alfred a very difficult child? Was their mother a wicked woman? Or was it a combination of both? Nobody can answer this question. Together with his father Alfred moved on from Eindhoven to Herentals, Hemiksem in Belgium and moved several times to start with Schelle and other villages of Antwerpen. At last he moved again to Hemiksem where he was on the top of his carreer. Everyone who worked for him still speaks with great and warm respect about Alfred. He even had troubles with the unions, but not for what you might expect. The unions were complaining that he paid too much as other glassworks in the neighbourhood had problems with their labourer. His private life was simply dramatic in total contrast with his professional life. With his German wife, who was an orphan, there was often a fight. She was sickly jealous and he always encouraged it just for fun. When Alfred was calm then he was quite a pleasant man and father but you had to disappear in seconds when he had an outburst of anger. That's why a small fully packed suitecase stood always standby so that his wife and daughter could flee to a hotel in front of the Century hotel on the Keyserlei in Antwerpen. She had always enough money in her purse to survive for a while. It has happened several times that his daughter did not go to school because of illness, but in reality she was bruised. This is Alfred's dark side not well known amongst the people of Hemiksem. With his Christmas decoration he was at the top of his carreer. Imagine that supermarkets place an order and that they come to you with their own labourer for packing the merchandise. His Christmas decoration was a real hype at that moment. Because of his outburts, bad advisers and troubles with his wife he moved all of sudden to Grevenmacher in Luxembourg. Professional glass blowers were not there, so he engaged his old labourer from Hemiksem but many returned home after some time suffering from homesickness. In 1954 he closed Grevenmacher and moved to Germany and finally to Euskirchen where he started again his glassworks. Until his death he remained there and died as poor as Job. In the 60s he was assisting the start up of 2 glassworks in Israel. In the 80s he was a consultant at glassworks in Brasil which is actually very famous. Anyway, he was a very skilled craftsman but with a turbulent life.

1871 25.02.1871 Birth of Johann sr (father) in Antonienthal cz Johann sr
1874 07.03.1874 Birth of Theresia Linzmaier in Unterwernersdorf cz Thérèse Linzemeier
1898 21.08.1898 Wedding of Johann Jezelin and Theresia Linzmeier in Karlsbad cz Johann sr Thérèse Linzemeier
21.08.1898 Presumed work of Johann sr. cz Johann sr
1899 31.05.1899 Birth of Johann jr. in Untermeierhöfen cz Johann jr
1905 00.00.1905 Move to Forsterstraße,12 Weißwasser de
04.05.1905 Birth of JEZELIN Alfred de
1908 00.00.1908 Move to Josefstraße,5 Weißwasser de
1910 31.03.1910 Birth of Elisabeth in Weißwasser de Elisabeth Jezelin
1914 1914 First job in Rückers Grafschaft Glatz de Johann sr
1918 00.00.1918 Possible move to Goethestraße,15 in Weißwasser and work at the Osram factory de Johann sr Johann Jezelin jr
1920 18.06.1920 List domovsky cz Johann sr
1921 30.08.1921 Alfred is in the hospital of Lewin de
00.00.1921 Johann jr and Alfred move to Eindhoven and start working at Philips factory nl Johann jr
1922 25.12.1922 Spreading the family de nl Thérèse Linzmeier Elisabeth Jecelin Johann jr
1923 18.12.1923 Move to Berkenstraat, 53 Eindhoven nl Johann sr Thérèse Linzmeier Elisabeth Jecelin Johann jr
1925 00.10.1925 Alfred & Johann sr traced in Herentals be Johann sr Johann jr
1926 00.10.1926 Alfred, Johann sr & jr traced in Grote Berg, 97 Eindhoven nl Johann sr Johann jr
00.00.1926 Traces of Wilhelmina Koos in Bleekstraat, 33 Eindhoven nl Wilhelmina Koos
12.11.1926 Marriage of Johann jr with Henriette Rooimans in Eindhoven nl Johann jr
00.00.1926 Traces of Alfred Jezelin & Wilhelmina Koos in Kleine Berg, 64 Eindhoven nl Wilhelmina Koos
1927 11.10.1927 Move to Provinciale steenweg,20 in Hemiksem be Johann js Wilhelmina Koos Minny Jezelin
1928 10.11.1928 Marriage of Alfred Jezelin and Wilhelmina Koos be Wilhelmina Koos
1929 03.02.1929 Birth of daughter Elisabeth euh Wilhelmina be Wilhelmina Koos Minny Jezelin
05.03.1929 Move to Peperstraat,21 in Schelle be
05.03.1929 Move to Peperstraat,45 in Schelle be glassfactories update.jpg
1933 08.12.1933 Dying Day of Johann jr in Eindhoven nl Johann Jezelin jr
1934 06.02.1934 Move to August van de Wielelei,222 in Deurne be
1938 19.01.1938 Exploitation licence for glass oven in Peperstraat,45 Schelle be glassfactories
30.06.1938 Move to Langlaarsteenweg,28 in Aartselaar be
1939 27.01.1939 Move to Deurnesteenweg 223 in Mortsel be
19.05.1939 Marriage Lambert Peerters with Elisabeth Jecelin be Elisabeth Jezelin
1940 15.01.1940 Move to Kleine Doornstraat,252 in Wilrijk be
1941 04.02.1941 Move to Hoevelei,1 in Aartselaar be
10.10.1941 Move to Kerkstraat,2 in Hemiksem be Minny Jezelin glassfactories
11.10.1941 Dying day of Johann senior in Hemiksem be Johann sr Minny Jezelin
1942 26.11.1942 Move to Bosstraat,45 in Hemiksem be
1943 12.05.1943 Registration in the Antwerp Trade Register nr 80.795 be glassfactories
30.09.1943 Belgian patent No BE452051A glass bracket be glassfactories christmas decorations
1944 18.02.1944 Permit glass furnace Bosstraat,45 in Hemiksem be glassfactories
1945 06.06.1945 Exploitation licence for glass oven Charlottalei,14 in Hemiksem be glassfactories
20.06.1945 Move to Charlottalei,14 in Hemiksem be glassfactories
1947 11.02.1947 Theresia Linzmaier died in Eindhoven nl Thérèse Linzmeier
1948 07.05.1948 Christmas decorations order of Sarma Bruxelles. be glassfactories christmas decorations
1949 30.09.1949 Application naturalization and family clash be Wilhelmina Koos Minny Jezelin
1950 21.08.1950 With AJEKO to the Passionspiel in Oberammergau de glassfactories Fritz Jochmann sr Fritz Jochmann jr
08.10.1950 Temporary reconciliation between Alfred and his daughter be Wilhelmina Koos Minny Jezelin
1951 00.08.1951 Wilhelmina leaves the house and has the business seized be Wilhelmina Koos
1952 30.01.1952 Move to Schaffmill,12 in Grevenmacher lu glassfactories
07.04.1952 Final breakup of relationship between Alfred and his wife lu Wilhelmina Koos
1953 31.08.1953 End of Gremoglass lu glassfactories Fritz Jochmann sr A.Lotterjonk
24.11.1953 Alfred founds a new glassworks together with Louis Klotz in Bouxwiller fr glassfactories christmas decorations
1954 28.02.1954 Bankruptcy of JEZELIN-KLOTZ fr glassfactories Wilhelmina Koos Fritz Jochmann sr
19.05.1954 Move from Grevenmacher to Nußbaumer Str.1 in Bergisch Gladbach glassfactories
20.07.1954 Move to In den Benden,6 in Euskirchen de glassfactories
18.08.1954 Purchase of the ground in Gottfried Kinkel Straße and am Fuchspfad in Euskirchen de
25.11.1954 Start of the glassfactory in Gottfried-Kinkel-Str de glassfactories
1955 29.04.1955 Move to 'An der Vogelrute' in Euskirchen de Fritz Jochmann sr
1956 03.07.1956 Move to Münstereifeler Str.52' in Euskirchen de Fritz Jochmann sr Fritz Jochmann jr Helga Jochmann Gisela Jochmann Loni Jochmann
1957 27.12.1957 Message that Luisenhütte must be evacuated by tenant de glassfactories Fritz Jochmann sr Gisela Jochmann
1958 13.01.1958 Move to 'Am Fuchspfad 3' in Euskirchen de glassfactories Fritz Jochmann sr Fritz Jochmann jr
1959 13.02.1959 Authorisation for adaptation Am Fuchspfad 3 Eurskirchen de glassfactories Fritz Jochmann sr Fritz Jochmann jr
1960 00.01.1960 Consultation assignment at Gavish in Rishon-le-Zion il glassfactories Fritz Jochmann sr Fritz Jochmann jr A.Lotterjonk
1961 00.01.1961 Renewal of consultation contract with Gavish in Rishon-le-Zion il glassfactories Fritz Jochmann sr Fritz Jochmann jr A.Lotterjonk
1962 23.01.1962 Consultation assignment at Tzor in Bat-Yam il glassfactories new.jpg
05.06.1962 Restart of glassworks in Euskirchen de glassfactories new.jpg
1963 00.00.1963 Work to make the glassworks profitable again de glassfactories new.jpg
1964 00.00.1964 The glassworks revives de glassfactories new.jpg
1965 01.11.1965 Draft agreement for the establishment of the company with Schnichels de glassfactories new.jpg
1966 00.00.1966 Minor adjustments to building and planning to visit his friend in Weißwasser de glassfactories new.jpg
1967 00.00.1967 Plenty of work but customers not paying in time de glassfactories Fritz jr Jochmann new.jpg
23.02.1967 The anniversary of Wilhelmina Koos' death in Duffel be Wilhelmina Koos new.jpg
08.08.1967 Alfred visiting his friend in Weißwasser de new.jpg
1968 00.00.1968 Gas boiler replacement due to changeover to natural gas de glassfactories new.jpg
1969 00.00.1969 Alfred deregisters as a Roman Catholic de glassfactories new.jpg
1970 00.00.1970 Hair in the butter with Frau Schünzel and with Schnichels de glassfactories new.jpg
1971 00.00.1971 The battle with Schnichels continues de glassfactories new.jpg
1972 00.00.1972 Health problems, the final battle with Schnichels and Brazil comes into focus de glassfactories new.jpg
1973 00.00.1973 Alfred continues to work without Schnichels de glassfactories new.jpg
1974 00.00.1974 Glassworks remains open but there is also some time for other things de glassfactories new.jpg
1975 00.00.1975 Plenty of work but health gradually deteriorating de glassfactories new.jpg
1976 24.08.1976 Temporary work stoppage due to surgery de glassfactories new.jpg
1977 00.04.1977 Alfred continues to work alone without staff de glassfactories new.jpg
1978 09.10.1978 Contact with Hemiksem and Brazil comes into the picture de glassfactories new.jpg
1979 10.04.1979 Alfred stops the business and restarts it 3 months later de glassfactories Loni Jochmann new.jpg
1980 15.04.1980 Closing down the glassfactory in Euskirchen de glassfactories
17.10.1980 Alfred sells a large piece of his domain behind the glass works de new.jpg
28.10.1980 Cristal Blumenau has agreed to use Alfred's services br new.jpg
1981 00.00.1981 Contact with person who worked for Alfred in Hemiksem de Loni Jochmann new.jpg
25.07.1981 Alfred works for 2.5 months as a consultant at Cristal Blumenau br glassworks new.jpg
1982 00.00.1982 Life goes its normal way, Alfred doesn't make glass anymore de new.jpg
1983 00.00.1983 Nothing new under the sun de new.jpg
1984 00.00.1984 Alfred is active and appears to have undergone surgery de new.jpg
1985 00.00.1985 Alfred becomes less active and his health deteriorates de new.jpg
1986 00.00.1986 This year is turning out like the year before, babbling and still worrying about Brazil de new.jpg
1987 00.00.1987 His last year of life de Loni Jochmann new.jpg
30.10.1987 Probable date of death of Alfred Jezelin de
1988 21.01.1988 Clearing the legacy and transport of the glass archive de
2014 15.05.2014 Meeting with Helga Hübner, Fritz Jochmann's daughter be Fritz Jochmann sr Helga Jochmann