20.07.1954 Move to In den Benden,6 in Euskirchen

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In 4 years time Alfred will move 3 more times in Euskirchen until he lives in Am Fuchspfad and will stay there for the rest of his life. In Bergisch Gladbach he stayed only 2 months. Moving is no problem for him. It is as it were in his blood. Through the centuries the Bohemian glassblowers have gone from glassworks to glassworks, which makes them difficult to trace. They were not afraid from travelling fairly long distances and have and keep moving all the time. The same story is taking place at this address. Registration in the municipality and immediately applying for a business licence. Four months later he starts a glassworks not far from this address in the Gottfied Kinkel Straße. In November Alfred is informed by the municipality that he has to deregister in Bergisch Gladbach, which he had not yet done. It was not until July of this year that he deregistered from Grevenmacher. You may start as a local authority, tax authority, supplier or just as an acquaintance to find him. There is a range of addresses available so you might be constantly on the wrong track. Did he do this on purpose? Probably not because his glass was the most important thing for him, changing addresses is what he did when it once fitted.

20.07 Registration address

20.07 Application for business licence

20.07 Application to transfer money from Luxembourg.

23.07 Deregistration in Grevenmacher with reference to the address In den Benden. Bergisch Gladbach is skipped.

09.11 The municipality urges Alfred to deregister in Bergisch Gladbach.

19.11 Authorisation to transfer the machinery from Luxembourg to Euskirchen.

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