1974 Glassworks remains open but there is also some time for other things

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Alfred has owned a gun all his life. He still has a Colt for which he has a licence. :!: See gun licence. You can feel that he is in the mood for it again and he cuts out all kinds of things that interest him from the newspaper. He keeps leaflets, etc. The fight with Schnichels is over and brings peace to the house. :!: See Stoob. From his very first employee Othmar Schmidt (see Schelle) he receives a card from Antwerp when he pays another visit to the area where he worked at the beginning of his career.

When he has a dispute with a restaurant owner, Alfred writes him a letter in which the shit cannot be squeezed out of his mouth. When he is right or thinks he is right, he is unstoppable. :!: See shit


With clock-like regularity, Alfred has to have himself examined and consult doctors. It will probably not get any better, but it will stabilise and take away the pain. :!: See prescription.


Judging by his invoice book, you can see that Alfred is still very active. GVD bestelt regelmatig. GVD orders regularly amongst others :!: See GVD en invoice book.

Environmental legislation

Environmental legislation comes into place and Alfred receives a letter about the waste that has to be reported. :!: See waste notification

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