24.08.1976 Temporary work stoppage due to surgery

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Alfred regularly received cards from Michael Wießner, son of Loni Wießner. Loni was the only daughter of Fritz Jochmann sr. who remained in Germany; the other two had fled to Australia. Loni kept contact with Alfred; she had not forgotten what he had meant to the Jochmann family after the war. He also received a card from Mitje in Schelle.

Life becomes more and more expensive. Prices are skyrocketing, heating oil and motor fuel are becoming expensive, skilled glassblowers are hard to find, customers pay too late. In short, it is not pleasant to have to work like this. In order to get some idea of the cost of living, Alfred kept a book in which he noted down the evolution of the prices of various products.

He is always looking in newspapers for all kinds of announcements and articles that interest him. :!: See newspapers.


The back and forth writing and contact with DKV continued for six months until a solution was finally found. Whenever Alfred is wronged, he does not give up and carries on until he is proved right. :!: See DKV. Alfred has a problem that can only be solved surgically. He was operated on 24 August and discharged on 2 September. When he was hospitalised, he was thoroughly examined. He needed an operation on his penis because of phymosis (Phimosis or a narrowed foreskin means that the foreskin cannot be retracted completely. In itself this is not a problem, unless complaints arise. Usually there is inflammation, recurring and/or painful erections) but a number of other symptoms have been identified:

  • Fimosis in old age with recurrent inflammation.
  • Comp. coronary sclerotic heart failure
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Emphysema bronchitis Obesity

He is prescribed medication for his heart and lung problems.


Schieche regularly provides Alfred with work, as well as a number of other smaller clients. The only thing that bothers him is the staff problem. Everyone wants high wages but doesn't know their trade, and that frustrates him. Moreover, his glass-blower has stopped working and is attending a retraining course, leaving him to look after his customers alone. The way Alfred communicates with his customers is completely different from the way Schnichels used to do it. That too brings him some peace of mind. :!: See Schieche.

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