21.08.1898 Wedding of Johann Jezelin and Theresia Linzmeier in Karlsbad (today Karlovy Vary)

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The third column contains the residence and house numbers of the marriage partners.
Johann sr is listed: 'Untermeierhöfen Nr 43'
Theresia is listed: 'Karslbad Nr 296' \
The personal data can be found at the following address:

de: Jecelin Johann, Glasmacher in Untermeierhöfen, geb.(oren) in Antoninenthal Nr 147, Deutsch Brod (nu HavlíÄ?kův Brod), am 25.02.1871, ehel.(iche) Sohn des Johann Jecelin Glasmachers in Antonienthal und der Anna, geb.(oren) Wessely aus Antonienthal Nr 145.
en: Jecelin Johann, glassmaker in Untermeierhöfen, born in Antoninenthal No 147, Deutsch Brod (now HavlíÄ?kův Brod), on 25.02.1871, legal son of Johann Jecelin glassmaker in Antonienthal and Anna, born Wessely from Antonienthal No 145.

de: Linzmeier Theresia in Karlsbad, geb.(oren) in Unterwernersdorf Nr 84, Braunau am 07.03.1874, ehel.(iche) Tochter des Adolf Linzmeier, Glasmachers in Unterwernersdorf und der Franziska, geb.(oren) Pribil aus Althart.
en: Linzmeier Theresia in Karlsbad, born in Unterwernersdorf Nr 84, Braunau on 07.03.1874, legal daughter of Adolf Linzmeier, glassmaker in Unterwernersdorf and Franziska, born Pribil from Althart.


The first broad column shows the names of the witnesses, namely Josef Timba and Anton Löffelmann. Both Glassblowers in Untermeierhöfen where Johann sr. also worked. It seems that at that time every man was a glassblower and every village, however small, had at least 1 glassblower.


From when until when Johann sr lived here we have not yet been able to find out since after WWII Stalin ordered the destruction of all archives of people who were no longer living in the country.


If you look at the photos in the gallery of the sidebar you will see that it was a very prosperous city with its own newspaper, an example of which is this one.

At that time, too, there were exceptional high water levels such as on 24.11.1890. See Photo gallery flood.

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