21.08.1898 Presumed work of Johann sr.

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The marriage register states that Johann sr. lived and worked in Untermeierhöfen. In addition, the witnesses are 2 glassblowers of the glassworks in Untermeierhöfen. In Alfred's archive there are 3 maps of the 'Karlsbader Kristallglasfabriken A.-G. Ludwig Moser & Söhne und Meyr's Neffe“ with the name of Johann Jecelin written on it. As far as I know there is only one glass factory in Untermeierhöfen. To this day, this factory still exists. Contact with the glass factory did not provide any confirmation as they can go back up to 50 years in terms of personnel. Older archives of staff are destroyed. Despite the fact that we do not have a 100% confirmation of the factory, we can be almost certain that Johann sr. was employed there. The factory itself was founded in 1857 and was very well organised. At that time they had maps and guided tours in different languages, as you will see on the postcards. Their current website is also available in different languages and making contact is extremely easy what is excluded in other parts of the Czech Republic, companies or agencies.

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Look at the history of the Bohemian crystal. You will notice that the first crystal factory in Antoninuv Dul was founded in 1845, birthplace of Johann sr.




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