1905 Move to Forsterstraße, 12 Weißwasser


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In Weißwasser we find for the first time a trace of the Jecelin family in 1905. The municipal archives were lost or destroyed after the war when the city came under communist rule. Whether there was a stopover between Karlsbad and Weißwasser cannot be found. The best part of the story is that in this house where Alfred was born, a glass museum will later be set up that still exists today and houses many beautiful pieces of the local glassblowers. I don't know where Alfred's father worked. Fact is that after WWI he started working at Osram in Weißwasser. At that time a lot of glassblowers were needed in the lamp industry. Outside the lamp industry were also glassblowers active where Johann sr may have worked. :!: For example here.

Glass museum in Weißwasser, birthplace of Alfred. See also link to the museum in the sidebar!

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