30.08.1921 Alfred is in the hospital of Lewin


Geographical data

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Alfred stayed at Lewin hospital. Probably it wasn't a hospital like one we know today. It is very difficult to find out more about the institution. From the photographs that Alfred kept, you can see that it is a recovery home rather than a hospital. This is also shown in a pamphlet from that time. :!: See Lewin. A lot of information has disappeared because Lewin was annexed by Poland after the war and everything that was German has been removed from the archives. In the former Rückers, where Alfred stayed during WWI, you can't find anything either. The Jochmann family lived in Penzig and after the war it went to Poland and all Germans were expelled. There too you will find nothing more. Recent images show that the 'hospital' still exists.



There is a suspicion that he was treated at the Görlitz hospital and then at the recovery centre in Lewin. There is a postcard from Görlitz hospital where someone borrowed 15 M and will pay this amount back on 02.10.1921.


:!: You can use a magnifying glass at the top right image by moving the cursor to the place you wish to enlarge. The handwriting is so bad that it is really difficult to decipher. That will be something for the moment I have 5 spare minutes. A river splits Görlitz in 2 parts. It is German at the left bank and Polish at the the right bank after WWII.

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