23.01.1962 Consultation assignment at Tzor in Bat-Yam

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It takes a while before things finally get moving. Only after insistence via a telegram is action taken.

Tzor's factory in Bat-Yam is not far from Rishon-le-Zion, where he had worked the previous year. As usual, Alfred kept a diary of his activities.

Whether the wine bottle made by Tzor was made during Alfred's stay is unknown.

After having worked for several months and not having received any money, he writes a letter to Tzor whereby they have to choose or share. In the end, it turns out that Tzor knows many languages except for 'paying'. He immediately stops working and returns to Euskirchen. A letter from one of Tzor's lawyers follows, but I have no information about the further handling of this case. He probably did not receive his salary and therefore lost what he had earned the year before.

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