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  01.11.1965 Draft agreement for the establishment of the company with Schnichels  
  03.07.1956 Move to 'Münstereifeler Str.52' in Euskirchen  
  04.05.1905 Birth of Alfred Jecelin  
  04.1977 Alfred continues to work alone without staff  
  05.06.1962 Restart of glassworks in Euskirchen  
  08.08.1967 Alfred visiting his friend in Weißwasser  
  09.10.1978 Contact with Hemiksem and Brazil comes into the picture  
  10.04.1979 Alfred stops the business and restarts it 3 months later  
  13.01.1958 Move to am Fuchspfad 3 in euskirchen.  
  13.02.1959 Authorisation for adaptation Am Fuchspfad 3 Eurskirchen  
  15.04.1980 Closing down the glassfactory in Euskirchen  
  18.08.1954 Purchase of land Gottfried Kinkelstraße and 'am Fuchspfad' in Euskirchen  
  19.05.1954 Move from Grevenmacher to Nußbaumer Str.1 in Bergisch Gladbach  
  1905 Move to Forsterstraße, 12 Weißwasser  
  1908 Move to Josefstraße,5 Weißwasser  
  1914 First job in Rückers Grafschaft Glatz  
  1918 Possible move to Goethestraße,15 in Weißwasser and work at Osram  
  1963 Work to make the glassworks profitable again  
  1964 The glassworks revives  
  1966 Minor adjustments to building and planning to visit his friend in Weißwasser  
  1967 Plenty of work but customers not paying in tim  
  1968 Gas boiler replacement due to changeover to natural gas  
  1969 Alfred deregisters as a Roman Catholic  
  1970 Hair in the butter with Frau Schünzel and with Schnichels  
  1971 The battle with Schnichels continues  
  1972 Health problems, the final battle with Schnichels and Brazil comes into focus  
  1973 Alfred continues to work without Schnichels  
  1974 Glassworks remains open but there is also some time for other things  
  1975 Plenty of work but health gradually deteriorating  
  20.07.1954 Move to In den Benden,6 in Euskirchen  
  21.01.1988 Clearing the legacy and transport of the glass archive  
  21.08.1950 Report of the trip to Oberammergau  
  21.08.1950 With AJEKO to the Passionspiel in Oberammergau  
  24.08.1976 Temporary work stoppage due to surgery  
  25.11.1954 Start-up glassworks in the Gottfried-Kinkel-Str.  
  25.12.1922 Spreading the family  
  27.12.1957 Notice that Luisenhütte is to be cleared by tenant  
  29.04.1955 Move to 'An der Vogelrute' in Euskirchen  
  30.08.1921 Alfred is in the hospital of Lewin  
  30.10.1987 Probable date of death of Alfred  
  31.03.1910 Birth Elisabeth in Weißwasser